The roots of the ONX Estate property go back to the Native Americans.  The Chumash and Salinan tribes seasonally migrated to Templeton to hunt and fish.  They termed the area “Ahjumawi” or “where the waters come together.” The Santa Rita creek (which now creates the Southern Border of the ONX property) flows to the Pacific Ocean during rainy seasons and would have provided excellent fishing.

1886 brought the founding of the city of Templeton.  The new city was the last stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad route.  From Templeton passengers took a stage coach to San Luis Obispo. The old stagecoach road ran along the Santa Rita Creek. 


The ONX Chapter

At ONX (pronounced "Onyx"), the land is just the beginning of the journey. A developer by trade, ONX founder Steve Olson has created award winning LEED certified residential and commercial communities in urban areas for more than 30 years. These same skills are applied to ONX Estate Vineyards, where he knows every micro-block, every ancient oak, and every storied account of the historic Templeton land. This convergence between place and person is a common thread that weaves throughout the heart of ONX’s story.

“Wine is a bridge between food and social interaction,” Olson said. “For years, I’ve been focused on creating a bridge between living in an urban environment and the social interaction that comes with it. Winegrowing, in a way, is a simple expression of ‘lifemaking’, as we experience the earth and grapes every year with different flavor profiles and vintages. This ‘coming together’ of life and land has always been where my roots lie." Olson’s grandfather was a farmer who traveled from his chilly Swedish homeland to the West Coast in search of warm, sun-dappled days. 

“It’s not just a vineyard, it’s the team—with winemaker Brian Brown, associate winemaker Jeff Strekas and all of the incredible people we work with,” Olson said. “If you have a great team and a wonderful vineyard location, ultimately, you are going to prevail. At ONX, our family is committed to make the best wines possible along with building a lifestyle community that meets the needs of our wine club members.”