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Allow us to introduce L’autre Femme…our second white wine.  We are really excited to share this new, limited release with you, along with her story.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson


“L’autre Femme is an exercise in the classic riddle of nature versus nurture.  Field Day and L’autre Femme are twins separated at birth.  Born of the same parents, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, yet brought up in completely different environments. Where Field Day is fun and fresh, an encapsulation of the vintage in a glass,  L’autre Femme is more serious, sophisticated, and reserved stylistically."   - Brian Brown, Winemaker 

The fruit for each cuvée was harvested at the same time, pressed together, and fermented initially in concert. Halfway through fermentation, the Field Day blend was placed in a stainless steel tank while the L’autre Femme blend was transferred into French oak barrels to complete fermentation.  Adding oak and keeping the wine on the lees develops additional personality and complexity which is imparted slowly over the course of months.


While both wines can be enjoyed at any time of the year, we like to think of Field Day as our spring and summer sipper and L’autre Femme as our fall and winter white.

Be sure to order L’autre Femme or visit us soon. We only have 89 cases of this special release to share with you.  She won’t be with us long.

L'autre Femme 2015
89 cases produced

Viognier 62%, Sauvignon Blanc 38%
$42 / $33.60 ONX Collective Members

Pouring a glass of L'autre Femme is like walking into a French bakery.  Toasted meringue, lemon tarts, candied orange peels, and fresh made brioche tantalize your senses, while subtle aromas of caramel and vanilla bean slowly waft to the fore.  

On the palate, you are greeted by flavors of succulent nectarines, peaches, and melon.  The wine's invigorating acidity carries its weight all the way through to a lengthy, textured finish.

Layers and layers of texture, depth, and flavor... like a freshly opened box of macarons.

We will hold all shipments until it is safe to ship, as it is currently too warm in Paso Robles.



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