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Pool Party 6-Pack

Pool Party 6-Pack

This bundle includes two (2) 2018 Indie Rosé, two (2) 2018 Field Day, one (1) 2018 Indie Blanc, and one (1) 2017 L'Autre Femme.

2018 Indie Rosé: The 2018 Indie Rosé flaunts its illustrious aromas of peaches and cream in a decadent, yet refined tone. Amid these notes lie citrus-driven mandarin and tangelo aromas along with sweeter strawberry and watermelon. The Indie attains a nose that is undeniably Provencal, yet expressive in only a way that Paso Robles grown Tempranillo can achieve.

2018 Field Day: Pineapple, passionfruit, and green apple tones are overlaid by a beautiful bouquet of white freesia, oleander, and honeysuckle that create layers of both crisp and ripe aromas. The palate is greeted with an entry of healthy acidity that bolsters citrus flavors of lime pith, tangelos, and sweet limoncello.

2018 Indie Blanc: A recent addition to the Indie line-up, Blanc makes its debut with style, grace, and tropical freshness. Straw and golden, this Grenache Blanc led white blend bursts out of the glass with aromas of sweet guava and pineapple along with cleansing perfume notes of rose water, sandalwood, and lilacs. The palate entry is filled with tropical mango and pineapple followed by a viscous flavor of preserved peaches.

2017 L'Autre Femme: The 2017 L’autre Femme carries you away to the land of milk and honey with soaring aromas of sweet and pungent white flowers, vanilla bean, and caramelized sugar cane all while tropical pineapple and honeydew notes along with citrusy limoncello offer a balance and refreshing respite; Reminiscent of spring breezes full of blooming re-birth.

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