We believe in freedom, creative expression and exploration.

A reverence for time-honored winemaking tradition and a penchant for adventure collide at ONX, resulting in exciting wines that are as pleasing to the palate as they are intriguing to the intellect. Exceptionally balanced and complex, our tribe of fiercely-independent cuvee blends burst with character and verve.

Unhindered by convention, we continually strive to express the personality of our dynamic, Westside vineyard as well as the vintage from which each wine is born. Lifelong entrepreneur and developer Steve Olson saw star power in the 122-acre ONX Estate Vineyard, purchased in 2004. With a nod to the area’s deep-seated agricultural legacy and an eye for cutting-edge innovation, he and winemaker Brian Brown come together to craft high-quality blends that bend perception and push the envelope.

It is no coincidence that ONX club members are as distinct as our wines. We thank you for taking this leap of faith, and we invite you to partake in our ongoing creative pursuit. Enjoy the fruit of our labor with the knowledge that each sip is singular.


Comprised of alluvial fans and planted to a vast array of vibrant grape varieties, the dynamic soil structure—featuring calcareous sandstone and shale parent material—bolsters extraordinary Spanish, Italian, Bordeaux, and Rhone varieties.

Situated in the heart of the temperate Templeton Gap, our vines are bestowed the same cool, coastal breezes that have refreshed road-weary travelers for more than 100 years. Santa Rita Creek meanders along the southern border of the estate, revealing remnants of historic Old Stage Coach Road.

Here, history mingles with innovation. ONX is a story of juxtaposition; a compelling dance between past and pioneer that begins with incredible soil, ripens on the vine and lingers at length on the pallet.

Like a powerful work of art, our wine is expressive and unique to the beholder.

ONX Winemaker Brian Brown paints bold brush strokes across a vast and unencumbered canvas, using every color combination in his well-stocked arsenal. A risk-taker and visionary, Brown does not profess to have all of the answers. At ONX, the greater goal is always to expand creative expression while reaching for new, unexplored heights within the winemaking realm.

Our boutique blends reflect the bounty of our robust ONX Estate Vineyard, resulting in artful, cohesive cuvees unmatched in quality and panache. The result is so enticing, so iconic—it can only be an ONX original.